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  • Helen Avatar

    Wonderful to be back So good to be back in Tanya’s peaceful and relaxing studio enjoying such an excellent and well thought out class on Monday. All safety measures are in place and I thoroughly enjoyed my practice. Looking forward to next week!

    John Avatar

    Good to be back How lovely to be back in the wonderful yoga lounge studio after such a long break. Fabulous effort with all the safety and covid protocols, felt very safe. Tanya and her group of teachers are the most outstanding and professional bunch. Always feel great after the pilates class and helps manage my low back issues and strengthens my core (I'm working on it!)

    Sonia Avatar

    How fabulous to be back at the gorgeous Yoga Lounge for Pilates after 6 months absence and taking part online Zoom classes. Tanya has made this peaceful haven feel wonderfully Covid safe. There are sanitisers in the entrance lobby, clear markings for your yoga/pilates mats to be placed in the studio and enough space to feel safe and protected. Protective guidelines and measures are in place to keep everyone feeling very safe. I'm delighted to have returned to the the Yoga Lounge today, I feel my sense of peace and calmness has been restored, I'd almost forgotten how much I need it.

    Gill Avatar

    Great to finally be back !! After 6 long months it was great to be back in the beautiful Yoga Lounge with Tanya who has worked extremely hard to make it Covid safe and a relaxed space. So good also to see familiar faces after so long, oh how I’ve missed it. I can thoroughly recommend Tanya and the Fab Yoga Lounge Thank you 🙏

    Jane Avatar

    Back to pilates First session back at pilates since lockdown. Tanya has taken great care with making sure she has clear procedures in place. The Yoga Lounge felt very safe. Great to be back

    Bernie Avatar

    Live yoga class returns Went to my first live yoga class with Tanya today in the beautiful Yoga Lounge. So lovely being back with a small Tuesday bubble group. Tanya is a great teacher & I felt invigorated and energised. Can’t wait for next Tuesday. Highly recommended

    Stacey Avatar

    Loved loved loved the first session back with Sarah at the studio, lovely to have Tania there to joining the class , it felt safe , peaceful and calm , all the hard work getting COVID ready has paid off, can’t wait until Tuesday morning for my next class

    Marion Avatar

    Great to be back! What a lovely way to start the weekend! Back at the stunning Yoga Lounge on my mat 🧘‍♀️ Tanya has created a very beautiful, safe and relaxed space. I left Sarah's session leeling reenergised and happy 🤗thanks so much 🙏

    Fiona Avatar

    After Lockdown Vibes My first session since lockdown in the studio with Sarah Barrett was bliss. After shielding for over 12 weeks and at high risk of serious illness if I catch Covid, I can honestly say that the Safety Measures that Tanya Main has put in place are outstanding. I can practise in a safe, clean environment with absolutely NO. ANXIETY. There is a strict code as to how we enter and leave, sanitizer is used upon entry and when you leave the studio, masks also worn into studio and in the lobby. (we can remove whilst doing our practise), we are well distanced and able to enjoy the peace and tranquility whilst carrying out practise. I feel so refreshed and relaxed and can’t wait for my next session. Thank you, Tanya,

  • Tessa Avatar

    Keeping Calm in a Covid World Gosh, Sarah’s Zoom yoga class was just what I needed on Saturday morning. Relaxing and stretching and de-stressed my body and mind really well. P.S. Henry (cat) enjoyed it too! Thank-you

    Dan Avatar

    5* and COVID Safe Tanya was a totally COVID safe and aware, ensure we all filled in the necessary forms and checks, temperature checks on the way in, allocated areas for each of us and hand sanitisers for all. We also had one way in and one way out of the building. All very well managed and professional. The class itself was excellent, Tanya was extremely knowledgeable, able to provide cues to correct form without any touching which made me feel very comfortable and at ease. I left feeling relaxed and energised. I'll be returning!

    Alison Avatar

    Pilates I have been doing Pilates with Tanya for 4.5 years. She is an amazing lady who delivers great classes in her beautiful studio. Her classes are varied and she is so encouraging, always aware of individual needs. Over the last few months my weekly class has become even more important not only for the exercise but for the mindfulness and wellbeing and I really appreciate Tanya’s efforts to continue the classes via Zoom. So looking forward to when we can meet up again in the studio.

    Susie Avatar

    Late starter I only took up Pilates after I retired and, thanks to Tanya, I am hooked. I now feel much stronger in my core, and much fitter than before when I was going out to work. Tanya identifies both ones strengths and weaknesses, and helps you to develop both your practice and your confidence. The studio is pleasant and set in her lovely garden which contributes to the ability to relax and unwind. I am approaching 70 and hope to continue to be able to do Pilates for as long as possible.

    Alison Avatar

    Yoga lounge Great on line Pilates training and work out with Tanya- it seemed awkward at first but it has been one of the highlights of my week during lockdown - give it a go

    Julie Avatar

    Open Heart Workshop I recently attended a workshop at the yoga lounge and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. Tanya is such a thoughtful teacher and pays attention to detail to help make for an enjoyable and successful experience for all her clients. The yoga lounge space is gorgeous, welcoming and warm and you feel surrounded by nature, much nicer than practising yoga in a village hall. I highly recommend Tanya and The Yoga Lounge.

    Carolyn Avatar

    Lovely studio, mindful, knowledgable & encouraging teaching I discovered the Yoga Lounge about six weeks ago and have been coming weekly to Hatha & Flow (and the open heart workshop this weekend) Firstly, Tanya is a great teacher balancing mindfulness, breath work and asanas that both open and strengthen in each class. The studio is lovely, clean, bright and airy with plenty of blocks, bolsters, blankets and eye pillows etc (and mats if you need one), and underfloor heating for chilly winter nights. Classes aren’t too tightly packed - there is always enough space to reach out arms and legs (you just need to be on it with booking classes as they’re popular) and parking isn’t a problem.

    Darci Avatar

    Sound Bath I have never heard of a sound bath! It was my first time and it was pure relaxation. Hard to believe it was a whole 60 minutes! Much needed time for myself. I will surely book again.

    Anne Avatar

    A Wonderful space & fantastic teacher I have been practising Pilates for almost 10 years with Tanya and more recently Yoga. Tanya is a brilliant teacher, so patient and kind. The studio space is so lovely, with a warm, friendly and welcoming atmosphere to all. Recently attended the retreat at Florence House, which was such a great weekend.

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