Pilates For Men

8th September to 13th October
Thursday 7pm to 8pm

Pilates for Men: It’s Not Just for Ballerinas Anymore!
Pilates is a popular practice that involves a variety of exercises designed to develop functional strength and flexibility in tandem.
In modern fitness, Pilates as a methodology focuses heavily on improving core strength, flexibility, posture, gait and balance. It can help to reduce nonspecific back pain and arthritis pain, boost mood and enhance sport performance.
Historically, men have tended to overtrain certain muscle groups in the weight room, such as the chest, biceps, and rectus abdominis (“six pack” muscles).
Either in conjunction with strength training or as a stand-alone fitness regimen, Pilates can be an effective way to counteract the imbalances that arise from overtraining certain muscle groups.

It also benefits working professionals hoping to counteract the effect of static positions such as extended periods of sitting.What to expect in PilatesPilates exercises include both bodyweight matwork and exercises involving the use of small equipment.

Pilates matwork exercises are usually performed while lying on your back or stomach and drawing in your abdominals to create functional core support.

Gravity is the primary source of resistance, and the goal is to maintain mobility in your spine and joints while strengthening the intrinsic muscles that support alignment.

10 spaces only

6-week course – £90

8th September to 13th October